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“More than just a runner”

How running can change the world….

Tarrant Cross Chile and Jason Warick named Saskatchewan Marathon Pasta Dinner Speakers

                        Tarrant Cross Child (l) and Jason Warick                                    Pasta Dinner Speakers

Journey with Tarrant Cross Child and his coach, Jason Warick, through the lows and highs of their running careers, from the red dirt trails of Kenya’s Great Rift Valley to the ice-covered roads of northern Saskatchewan. Along the way, they found meaning in their running. The Saskatchewan Marathon Pasta dinner features these two Saskatchewan men and several surprise guests, who will inspire you to tackle the Saskatchewan Marathon and any other running challenges you might have. You’ll also see how your running, in ways small and large, can change the world.

Tarrant Cross Child won the 1998 Saskatchewan Marathon and was on his way up in the national rankings. But a decade-long alcohol and gambling addiction derailed his running career, and almost cost him his life. Thanks to an intensive rehabilitation program – and the love of his wife and four kids – Tarrant is back training, coaching and sharing his story with Indigenous youth across Canada. He re-established his floor tiling business and mentors other recovering addicts. Tarrant will toe the line at the Saskatchewan Marathon again on May 28.

Jason Warick is a former member of Canada’s national team in the marathon. He’s now a coach and a reporter with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Jason’s life changed after training in Kenya. He was impressed by the Kenyans’ speed, but was in awe of their community service. Jason partnered with the great Kip Keino to build a high school, which opened recently thanks largely to the donations of Saskatchewan residents. And three years after Jason was hit by a texting driver, he has also started running again.

“You are more than just a runner.” –Kipchoge (Kip) Keino.

Braid Flooring signs on to support Pasta Dinner

Braid Flooring steps up to sponsor 2017 Pasta Dinner

After working with Tarrant for 10 years, we were heartbroken to see the personal challenges he faced. He reached a place of darkness in his life that no person should experience.His desire, drive,  and conviction to bring his life full circle for himself, his family, and his community is beyond inspiring. It’s a reminder that despite the challenges in life we all face, there is hope. It’s a reminder that being our best in itself will inspire. And it’s a reminder that we can all impact our community.  Tarrant has regained his ability to run at a very high level, but it’s his steadfast conviction to his wife, family, and community that is inspiring thousands of people around Canada.  Braid Flooring is proud to support Tarrant’s presentation at this year’s Saskatchewan Marathon.



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