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Winners of the 2018 Saskatchewan Marathon!


Men’s Marathon

Place Name City Time
1 Teresa Fekensa Toronto;Ethiopia 2:48:16
2 Brendan Lunty Camrose 2:53:19
3 Danny Halpin The Pas, MB 2:53:19

Men’s Marathon Winners

Woman’s Marathon

Place Name City Time
1 Brooke MacDonald Yorkton 3:07:57
2 Cosette Lemelin Edmonton 3:09:23
3 Rebecca Naidu Vancouver 3:28:18

Women’s Marathon Winners

Marathon – Complete Results Here

Men’s Half Marathon

Place Name City Time
1 Ruslan Kramariuk Chernivtsi, Ukraine 1:12:45
2 Stefano Zanotto Saskatoon 1:19:53
3 Chris Schwarz Sherwood Park 1:22:27

Men’s Half Marathon Winners

Women’s Half Marathon

Place Name City Time
1 Kimberly Davy Saskatoon 1:33:58
2 Sarah Crooks Saskatoon 1:35:47
3 Caitlyn Howe Moose Jaw 1:36:38

Women’s Half Marathon Winners Missing Caitlyn Howe

Half Marathon – Complete Results Here

Men’s GoodLife Fitness 10K

Place Name City Time
1 Nicolas Jirot Swift Current 33:22
2 Sergii Vashurin Chernivtsi, Ukraine 33:25
3 Ibrahim Mohammed Saskatoon 34:37

Men’s GoodLife Fitness 10k Winners

Women’s GoodLife Fitness 10K

Place Name City Time
1 Tianna Dodds Lumsden 41:30
2 Andrea Hill Saskatoon 41:42
3 Celeste Crosschild Saskatoon 42:22

Women’s GoodLife Fitness 10k Winners

GoodLife Fitness 10K – Complete Results Here

Men’s Craven SPORT Services 5K

Place Name City Time
1 Kyle Caie Saskatoon 16:20
2 Lain McCormick Saskatoon 16:20
3 Jason Warick Saskatoon 16:45

Men’s Craven SPORT Services 5K Winners

Women’s Craven SPORT Services 5K

Place Name City Time
1 Courtney Hufsmith Saskatoon 16:29
2 Krista DuChene Hamilton 17:33
3 Olivia Chadwick Saskatoon 19:43

Women’s Craven SPORT Services 5k Winners missing Krista DuChene

Craven SPORT Services 5K – Complete Results Here


You can still get in on the fun! Come to the Race Expo Saturday, May 26 between 10 AM and 5 PM — Hall A – Prairieland Park.

Visit the Walk Up Registration Table and see Bev, Jeff and Kassidy — they will help you get registered!

Farm Yoga!!

Don’t miss your chance to participate in our ever popular FARM YOGA on Sunday morning! Sessions led by Moksha Yoga, one at 10:15 am and another at 11:15 am. Grab a spot next to a cute fluffy animal before they all fill up! Farm Yoga – good for the body, good for the soul!

Find Your Bib Number here!

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Running In the Heat! With the weather forecast showing high 20’s for race day, it can play a role in your performance. Below are some tips for a hot race day!

Pace yourself – The harder you run the more heat you make. The bigger you are, the more heat you make. The basic principle behind heat illness is that you are producing more heat than your body can get rid of. Adapting to the heat may mean a slower pace, but slower is better than not finishing the race.
Wear appropriate clothing – This should ideally be lightweight moisture management clothing designed for use in warmer conditions. Loose, breathable & light coloured clothing are recommended as certain clothes can keep the heat in.  Remember that as your running clothing becomes wetter, you may experience chafing. Consider taping sensitive areas such as nipples and using petroleum jelly to help prevent chafing.
Sweating – When sweat evaporates off your skin you lose heat. Sweating is less effective if the environment is hot or humid. Sweating is impaired if you become dehydrated. The more dehydrated you are the less effective your body is at losing heat. So avoiding dehydration is the key but even with adequate hydration overheating still can occur. We are all different in our abilities to lose heat. Some bodies are well adapted to losing heat, and others are not.
Sunscreen – You may be out in the sun for several hours so remember to apply a good quality sunscreen to all exposed areas before you leave home.
Water, Water, and More Water – Pouring water over your head and body can be an effective way of cooling. Grab a glass of water at every aid station and pour it on yourself (every aid station). And don’t forget some to drink as well. If it is hot at the start then drink cold fluids prior to the start. Bring some ice-cold water that you can pour on yourself just prior to starting.
Be careful not to overdrink – drinking too much water can be dangerous and lead to hyponatremia (water intoxication) – Although fluid consumption should be increased when running in the heat.  If you know it is going to be hot (or hotter than you are used to) then don’t wait until you feel hot (too late)
Heat Illness – Hot and humid weather increases the chances of dehydration, heat illness, and visiting the medical tent is not good. Taking precautions can make your day much more pleasant. If the illness thing doesn’t worry you maybe the fact that overheating will affect your performance will. If you do not feel well during or after the race please seek medical attention.
Sources from:
-Professor Sanjay Sharma, Medical Director of the London Marathon
– Dr. Jon Hooper, Medical Director, Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend


You CAN transfer to a different distance however the online option is now closed.  You will need to transfer your distance at Package Pick up, Saturday, May 26 at Prairieland Park between 10 AM and 5 PM.


  • Pick up your bib for the race distance for which you originally registered.
  • Take your bib to the Last Minute Registration Table.
  • Bev and her team of great volunteers will help you get your race distance changed.
  • Note that there is a $5 charge to change your race distance.

Course Maps

We are pleased to provide you with the final course maps.

Click Here to view routes for each race online with options to view km markers and water stations.

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Join us on Saturday, May 26th for an exciting evening of inspiration and stories from special guest speaker Krista DuChene. Krista is well-known as Canada’s Marathon Mom, a name given to her after winning the 2009 Mississauga Marathon on Mother’s Day. Krista tells us, “As I near the end of my elite marathoning career, I look forward to staying involved in the running community as a masters competitor. Additionally, I hope I can continue to inspire other Canadians, runners, and parents through public speaking and event promotion. “

Prairieland Park – Hall A

Race Expo — Walk up Registration Table — check in to see if any last minute tickets are available.

Cost: $25 each plus GST


Volunteer Registration Now Open

WE NEED YOU for Race Weekend May 25 to May 27!  Whether you love being on the frontlines or behind the scenes, it’s the enthusiasm and heart of our volunteers that bring it all together each May!  Register now by clicking here


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