Going Green

The Saskatchewan Marathon is a GREEN event.

Our partnership with Affinity Credit Union to make the 2019 Saskatchewan Marathon a Zero Waste event was a huge success! the finish line village was spotless! Look for the Zero Waste Zones at the next Saskatchewan Marathon.

Running is perhaps the greenest of sports and marathoners view their passion as one of the cleanest and most environmentally-friendly activities in which they participate. We encourage all runners, family, friends, and spectators to share a ride or take public transportation to the Race Expo and to the event on Race Day. On site Saskatoon Cycles bike valet will be available to park your bike for FREE.

The Race Expo and Finish Line Village have provisions to recycle paper, cans, bottles, and any other items that can be recycled. Volunteers collect all paper cups and other recyclable items  at all water stations. Please be courteous and throw your garbage to the side when running by water stations.

The Saskatchewan Marathon reuses all signage wherever possible. We  encourage online registration, as opposed to mailing in registration forms.