Let RUNNING be your child or student’s commitment to being healthy and let the Nutrien MaraFun help you do it!

Welcome to MaraFun 2021: A Virtual Experience. Our 10-week program, support, weekly newsletters and more + a race day in your own community.

The MaraFun is a program was developed by the Saskatoon Road Runners Association (SRRA) in conjunction with the Saskatchewan Marathon. The MaraFun will provide young people (13 and under) a way to participate in the Saskatchewan Marathon in a novel way. Each MaraFun participant will run, walk, or wheelchair a minimum of 4 Km per week in the weeks leading up to race day. MaraFun participants will cap off their hard work with a fun run in their own community on the race day chosen by their team leader. The cost of this program is $20 per student + GST and service fees. Throughout the program, there are opportunities for the participants to learn about an active lifestyle, maintaining a physical activity program to promote health, and the importance of having personal goals. It is truly a unique way for youth to increase their activity levels, nutritional knowledge, and self-esteem.

The final race date is normally the last Sunday of May…this year because we are going virtual, THE TEAM LEADER picks the Race Day sometime between May 24 and June 24, 2021.

Included in your 2021 registration for $20 (if registered by March 15) or$25 (for registrations after March 15):

  • A cool MaraFun finisher’s medal.
  • A free 10-week easy-to-follow MaraFun training program designed by Craven SPORT services.
  • A MaraFun t-shirt with an area to personalize your built-in race bib.
  • Digital MaraFun race certificate.
  • Access to our MaraFun Facebook private page with additional content, videos and more.
  • Chances to win great prizes from the Saskatchewan Marathon partners and sponsors.
  • Plus a few surprises in the “MaraFun Race Kits”(sent to the TEAM LEADERS before your Race Day).

STEP 1 — TEAM LEADERS: REGISTER yourself as a TEAM LEADER and create your team name. Please share your team name with your team/parents. Come back to the registration page and see who has currently registered on your team, click VIEW TEAMS on the left side.

*If you are new to the program, please be sure to email me or call and I can walk you through the process. Students/Parents need to be aware of their TEAM LEADER and their Team/School Name to register correctly.

STEP 2: We will provide you with the registration package with complete details. Starting March 15, TEAM LEADERS AND parents will receive weekly newsletters with running tips, nutrition tips, videos, updates and more.

*Parents have the option to opt out of the emails.

STEP 3 — PARENTS: REGISTER your child by clicking ‘Register’ and selecting the MaraFun Registration INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION USE ONLY option (note parents must sign waiver for students).

*In some cases, your TEAM LEADER may choose to register their whole team.

The MaraFun program will officially start Monday, March 15, 2021. We have some user-friendly tools + the 10-week program for team leaders and parents to help maintain some sense of normalcy for our youth.

MaraFun registration will open as of January 1, 2021.

Other resources such as the Student Tracker, 10-week program, MaraFun Facebook page and other useful tools delivered in the weekly newsletters that start in March.

Contact Jeffery Culbert for more details.

Phone –  306-716-0869.

MaraFun Program

Monday Wednesday Friday

Week 1

March 23 – 27

4 x 1’ Walk/2’ Jog 5 x 1’ Walk/2’ Jog 4 x 2’Walk/3’ Jog

Week 2

March 30

4 x 2’ Walk/3’ Jog 7 x 2’ Walk/ 2’ Jog 4 x 2’ Walk/4’ Jog

Week 3

April 6 – 10


4 x 4’ Jog/2’ Walk Jog 1km Continuous

4’ Jog/2’ Walk

6’ Jog/3’ Walk

4’ Jog/2’ Walk

Week 4

April 13-17

Jog 1km Continuous 4 x 5’ Jog/2’ Walk Jog 1km Continuous

Week 5

April 20-24

Jog 1km Continuous 10 x 1’ Jog/1’ Walk Jog 1.5km Continuous

Week 6

April 27- May 1

7 x 2’ Jog/ 1’ Walk Jog 1.5km Continuous 5 x 4’ Jog/ 1’ Walk

Week 7

May 4-8

Jog 1km Continuous 10 x 1’ Jog/1’ Walk Jog 2km Continuous

Week 8

May 11-15

4 x 4’ Jog/1’ Walk Jog 2km Continuous 4 x 3’ Jog/2’ Walk

Week 9

May 18-22

Jog 1.5 km Continuous 5 x 4’ Jog/ 1’ Walk Jog 2km Continuous

Week 10

May 25-29

7 x 2’ Jog/ 1’ Walk Jog 2km Continuous 4 x 3’ Jog/2’ Walk

  • 4 x 2’ WALK/3’ Jog = Complete 4 sets of walking for 2 minutes followed by 3 minutes of jogging
  • Continuous Jog’s = Try and jog the entire distance without having to stop and walk. This means you will need to jog slow enough to be able to go the whole distance, this is not a sprint.


MaraFun Tracking Sheet


































Final RUN







Photo by Josh Schaefer/



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