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Nutrien Marafun

May 31 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm


Let RUNNING be your child or student’s commitment to being healthy and let the Nutrien MaraFun help you do it!

ABOUT: The following changes are in response to COVID-19 pandemic, and the many requests we have received from parents to find ways to continue the program. We are offering this to allow your child to continue with the program that they were already involved in at their school, or start if you haven’t registered your child yet. We know that teachers and team leaders are not able to lead this program because of COVID-19 school closures.

We have developed a method for you keep up with your MaraFun commitment and RUNNING in a slightly different way and will include the 42.2 run ending and a way to claim the tshirt and medal for your child(ren).

The MaraFun program will officially start next Monday, March 23 and go through the Easter Break. We have some user-friendly tools for parents to help maintain some sense of normalcy for kids.

MaraFun registration will remain open.

See  below for the MaraFun 10-week Program, Student Tracker and other useful tools and resources .

If you have ANY questions, please email Jeff at jculbert@onpurpose.ca .  Thank you!

STEP 1 — REGISTER YOUR CHILD or GROUP at the link below:

STEP 2:  Starting March 23, Team Leaders will receive weekly e-blasts with running tips, nutrition tips, videos, updates and more!

STEP 3: REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN by clicking ‘Register’ and selecting the Nutrien MaraFun Registration( $20 fee – includes tshirt and medal and all program materials.

STEP 4: You will receive a weekly email with program details, nutrition tips and other items and as well as instructions to access to the MaraFun Private Facebook Group that will have videos and other additional materials to help you to keep your child healthy and active.

Contact Jeff for more details.      jculbert@onpurpose.ca

Phone –  306-716-0869.

MaraFun Program

Monday Wednesday Friday

Week 1

March 23 – 27

4 x 1’ Walk/2’ Jog 5 x 1’ Walk/2’ Jog 4 x 2’Walk/3’ Jog

Week 2

March 30

4 x 2’ Walk/3’ Jog 7 x 2’ Walk/ 2’ Jog 4 x 2’ Walk/4’ Jog

Week 3

April 6 – 10


4 x 4’ Jog/2’ Walk Jog 1km Continuous

4’ Jog/2’ Walk

6’ Jog/3’ Walk

4’ Jog/2’ Walk

Week 4

April 13-17

Jog 1km Continuous 4 x 5’ Jog/2’ Walk Jog 1km Continuous

Week 5

April 20-24

Jog 1km Continuous 10 x 1’ Jog/1’ Walk Jog 1.5km Continuous

Week 6

April 27- May 1

7 x 2’ Jog/ 1’ Walk Jog 1.5km Continuous 5 x 4’ Jog/ 1’ Walk

Week 7

May 4-8

Jog 1km Continuous 10 x 1’ Jog/1’ Walk Jog 2km Continuous

Week 8

May 11-15

4 x 4’ Jog/1’ Walk Jog 2km Continuous 4 x 3’ Jog/2’ Walk

Week 9

May 18-22

Jog 1.5 km Continuous 5 x 4’ Jog/ 1’ Walk Jog 2km Continuous

Week 10

May 25-29

7 x 2’ Jog/ 1’ Walk Jog 2km Continuous 4 x 3’ Jog/2’ Walk

  • 4 x 2’ WALK/3’ Jog = Complete 4 sets of walking for 2 minutes followed by 3 minutes of jogging
  • Continuous Jog’s = Try and jog the entire distance without having to stop and walk. This means you will need to jog slow enough to be able to go the whole distance, this is not a sprint.


MaraFun Tracking Sheet


































Final RUN







Photo by Josh Schaefer/GetMyPhoto.ca



IMG_0090 Marafun




May 31
11:00 am - 12:30 pm


Sask Marathon