Year 13 – 1991

Male winner: Richard Webb; 2:31:33
Female winner: Heather Stilborn; 3:28:55

Marathon winner, Rick Webb said: “This was a pretty good time for me… The difference between a comfortable marathon and a painful marathon is about two or three minutes… The difference between blowing up and doing terrible and doing well is five seconds per kilometre. Knowing that line is the challenge”. Female winner Heather Stilborn said: “It was a case of trying to finish it. When I got to 25K, I decided to keep going five kilometres at a time and when I got past 35, I just thought I might as well finish”. Stilborn would go on to win the next two years’ events.

This was the first year relay teams could enter the marathon. “Jock’s Flyer’s” finished in 2:32:04, in the male division. The top female team was “Cheers for Quantum” (3:07:11) and the top mixed team was “Team Maid” in 2:51:23.

9am wind: northwest 17Kmh, 7am: 16°C, 11am: 17°C

1991 Shirt

018 1991 shirt
1991 Map

019 1991 map001

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