Year 15 – 1993

Male winner: Dane Samuel; 2:42:22
Female winner: Heather Stilborn; 3:25:38

This second Star Phoenix Saskatchewan Marathon featured some of the most uncomfortable weather conditions of any in the 30 year history. The temperature didn’t change by more than one degree Celsius and there was intermittent drizzle and even snow. As well, the wind gusted from 25 to 44 Kmh. Despite these conditions, there were over 300 participants.

Brian Michasiw was back to defend his win. However, the men’s division was won by Dane Samuel of Brandon (but originally from St. Vincent and the Grenadines). A tie was declared for second place in the marathon, with Simon Toon and Gerry Pocha finishing together in 2:46:39. Race organizers had arranged for a first prize of a trip to the Bangkok Marathon in Thailand. There was controversy, though, as it had been decided that the prize could only be awarded to a Canadian citizen and Samuel didn’t qualify. In a generous offer, Toon and Pocha insisted the prize go to Samuel. Toon said, “He’s a Canadian as far as I’m concerned and he won the race, so he should go”. Samuel gladly accepted: “It was very nice of the other athletes to give it back to me”, he said.

Heather Stilborn won her third marathon in a row.

The half-marathon became an important event at this year’s event, especially because it was the last event in the eleven race Timex Saskatchewan Road Race Series. Going into the final event of the season, points leader John Hergott was going to face a strong challenge from Ted Jaleta and Darren Burrows. Donna Balezantis, Joan Cochrane and Denise Mitchell would be competing for the year-end championship on the women’s side. In the end, the half-marathon was won by Darren Burrows (1:12:45) and Tanya Jones (1:23:00).

Wheelchair athlete Colette Bourgonje posted a time of 1:17:06 in the half-marathon.

cloudy, some snow
9am wind: north 26Kmh, 7am: 0 °C, 11am: 1 °C

1993 Route Map

020 1993 map
1993 Start

022 1993 start

Brian Michasiw

021 1993 Michasiw

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