Year 16 – 1994

Male winner: Bruce Raymer; 2:25:03 (current saskatchewan Marathon record)
Female winner: Sharyn Hewitt; 3:08:22

Marathon winner Bruce Raymer finished eight minutes ahead of the second place finisher, Darren Yakimishyn and set a record for the Saskatchewan Marathon. Raymer was formerly a middle distance runner, specializing in the 3000 and 10000 metre events. He proved on the Sunday that he is a solid marathoner, setting a record which still stands. Ted Jaleta paced Raymer for the first ten kilometres as Jaleta pursued victory in the half-marathon event in 1:11:12.

Raymer said, “The first 20 miles are 100 percent physical and the last six miles are 100 percent mental. About the 30K mark, I really started to labour and wondered if I had enough of a lead to hold on… thinking about a free trip anywhere Air Canada flies… that’s incentive”.

Women’s winner Sharyn Hewitt had previously run only one marathon – the Vancouver marathon in May. She said she now wants to break three hours; “…it’s like you catch a bug”.

Besides Jaleta’s half-marathon win, Donna Balezantis was the women’s half-marathon champion in 1:23:51.

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