Year 19 – 1997

Male winner: Dirk Handke; 2:51:52
Female winner: Kathy Griffiths; 3:05:36

Competitors in this Star Phoenix Saskatchewan Marathon had to deal with strong winds (at times gusting to 60 Kmh).

9am winds: west 9Kmh, 7am: 7°C, 11am: 20°C

Second place finisher, Mike Losie (2:56:24) said he tried to catch eventual winner Dirk Handke after the final turnaround point at the north end of the course, but “…couldn’t push hard coming back because the wind was just so hard”.

Kathy Griffiths won in only her second ever marathon, ahead of Sandy Iuliano (3:11:08) and Joan Cochrane (3:14:34), for second and third, respectively.

The women’s half-marathon was won by Betty Boechler in 1:30:26; the men’s champ was Gerald Romme (1:15:15).

Colette Bourgonje – the double bronze medalist at the 1996 Paralympics – met the standard of Sports Canada to get her “A” card, completing the half-marathon distance in 2:07:00.

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