Year 21 – 1999

Male winner: Kevin DeForge; 2:39:10
Female winner: Joan Cochrane; 3:16:00

“I’ve finally won!”, said first-time marathon winner, Joan Cochrane. “This is the fifth time I’ve run this race. I`ve finished second and third every other time”, Cochrane said after finishing in 3:16:00. “I’m so happy to win this marathon. I know these people so well and they’re so supportive”, said Cochrane.

9am wind: northwest 20Kmh, 7am: 3°C, 11am: 11°C

There were a reported 600 athletes in the day’s events, helped by a reported 125 volunteers. The events also included a new event: the Saskatchewan 10Km Brainsport Challenge, won by Samuel Langat (33:35) and Brenda Reid (39:58).

1999 10K Shirt

025 1999 10K shirt

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