Year 24 – 2002

Male winner: Vince Cole; 2:47:12
Female winner: Celene Sidloski; 3:23:10
wheelchair: Colette Bourgonje; 2:17:50

For the first year, Colette Bourgonje tackled the marathon distance in the wheelchair and came in first overall.

Vince Cole returned to win his second consecutive marathon. Celene Sidloski won her second consecutive event as well and her third Saskatchewan Marathon overall. Saskatoon’s Ron Balezantis (finishing in second place – 2:50:22) said “It’s very inspiring… I didn’t overlook him because I knew he won last year and had a really good time. You can’t tell by the way a person looks or their age; there’s a lot of surprises out there”. Balezantis won the marathon in 1996 and placed fourth in the July Calgary Stampede marathon.Jason Warick repeated as the half-marathon winner (1:17:40) on the men’s side. For the women, it was Angela Plamondon in 1:28:12.

The 10Km event winners were Marion Craig (38:32) and Sean Siever (36:49).

9am wind: northwest 33Kmh, 7am: 10°C, 11am: 16°C

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