Year 32 – 2010

Male winner: Brendan Lunty; 2:37:42
Female winner: Brandi Pozniak; 3:06:46

A change to the start and finish location and to the route overall was required this year, due to the closure of the city’s Traffic Bridge. The Traffic Bridge had been a South Saskatchewan River crossing on many occasions for the Saskatchewan Marathon, but couldn’t be used this year (or in the years to come, until it is replaced). As a result, the start and finish location was moved to the north end of Saskatoon, onto Pinehouse Drive, near the Henk Ruys Soccer Centre – it would stay there until the 35th Saskatchewan Marathon, when it moved back to Diefenbaker Park. Lunty beat Michasiw by almost ten minutes.
This was an important year in the evolution of the Saskatchewan Marathon. In an effort to get elementary school-aged kids involved, the Marafun was introduced. In this event, kids from a dozen or so schools (there were about 400 kids in total) ran their own special marathon. The kids ran approximately two Km per week for about twenty weeks as part of a program of increased fitness for them. On race day, the kids ran their final 2.2 Km on the marathon course, ending with great excitement at the big event’s finish line. The reception for this new event was tremendous. The organizers envision it continuing for years to come. It’s also felt that the participants will move on to greater competitive distances as a natural progression.
Our guest speaker this year was Dick Beardsley, in his time a sensational marathon runner, most famous for his “Duel in the Sun” at the 1982 Boston Marathon. At that memorable event, Beardsley finished second to Alberto Salazar by just a few seconds. Dick gave a moving presentation about that race and about his subsequent successful battle to overcome an addiction to pain medication.

cloudy, occasional showers
9am wind: NW 26Kmh, 7am: 5°C, 11am: 6°C

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