Year 35 – 2013

Male winner: Brian Michasiw; 2:48:23
Female winner: Erin Humphreys; 3:03:35

Brian Michasiw won the 2013 Saskatchewan Marathon in a time of 2:48:23 while Erin Humphreys won the women’s division with 3:03:35. Dylan Wykes and Reid Coolsaet competed in the London Olympics in 2012, and were brought to the 2013 Saskatchewan Marathon as special guests. Wykes, a Kingston, Ontario native, led three Canadian runners across the finish line last summer, placing 20th at 2:15:26. Coolsaet of Guelph, Ontario finished 27th at a time of 2:16:29. Both men shared amazing stories of training, heartbreak, and success at the Annual Pasta Dinner.

wind: 25kmh, temperature: 9.0°C

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