Year 38 – 2016

Male winner: Sergii Vashurin; 2:31:35
Female winner: Erin Gardiner; 3:04:34
In a marathon leaderboard repeat from 2015, the winners were once again Saskatoon’s Erin Gardiner and the Ukrainian visiting athlete Sergii Vashurin. Half-marathon winners were Ruslan Kramariuk in 1:12:19 and Nicole Bletsky in 1:33:39. The ten Km winners were Ibrahim Mohammed in 34:43 and Jennifer Souter in 37:45. The five Km event is gaining popularity and the participant numbers were increased; winners were Iain McCormick (17:48) and Jodi Souter (18:39). Our guest speaker at the pasta dinner was Boston Marathon bombing victim, Roseann Sdoia. Roseann gave a moving and memorable presentation to the Saturday night audience as well as to others who encountered her during her short stay in Saskatoon.
Wind: west @ 10 – 15 Km/h, temperature @ 7:00 am: 9°C; @ 11:00 am: 11°C

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