Rules & Regulations

Age Restrictions

Brainsport 42.2k: 16 years and older
Eb’s Source for Adventure 21.1k: 14 years and older
GoodLife Fitness 10k: 12 years and older
Craven SPORT Services 5k 6 years and older

Family Focus Eyecare 2.2k: no age limit

MaraFun (2.2 Km): 6 years and older

SRRA Age Restriction Policy – See this policy for more information.

Course Safety

During your warm-up, please pay attention to others around you in order to avoid hazardous collisions. All walkers are asked to assemble at the back of the starting pack. Try to run in single file as much as possible, and always be aware of other participants behind you who might be trying to pass you.

Always move over at your earliest convenience for faster participants. Do not stop suddenly during the race, whether this is at a water station for a drink of water, to get rid of a cramp, or even to tighten your shoelace. If you need to stop at any time and for any reason, please move to the side first.

After leaving a water station, do not throw your cup in the middle of the road, as this is hazardous for other participants. Please be sure to throw cups to the side of the road where they will be picked up after the race.

Always follow the instructions of Police Officers and Course Marshals along the course. When you cross the Finish Line, do not stop immediately. Keep walking towards the group of Finish Line volunteers so that you do not get in the way of those finishing closely behind you.

Headphones & Music Players

We strongly recommend that participants NOT use audio devices during the race. Although you may listen to music during training, you quickly become a hazard to yourself and others on race day when you cannot hear what is taking place around you.

Other Prohibited Items

For safety reasons, the following items are not allowed on the courses under any circumstances:

  • Bicycles
  • Roller Blades
  • Jogging Strollers or any kind of strollers
  • Pets

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