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Brainsport – Visit Brainsport for course schedules. Register through Brainsport by phone at (306) 244-0955, online, or by email

Brainsport – The Brainsport Running Academy is proud to announce our new Learn To Run class coached by Dave Stark Wednesdays beginning April 6th at 6 pm! We are excited to teach you how to run continuously for 30 minutes and to give you the tools to run for a lifetime!  Dave’s clinic will prepare you to run the 5km distance at the Saskatchewan Marathon. Tell your friends and register today!

Dave Stark- Running Clinic

Craven SPORT services – Visit the Craven SPORT services website for more information on programs and clinics, to learn about ways to improve your training. Check in with Lindsay at Register through Craven SPORT services by phone at (306) 934-2011 or by email.



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