Safety Tips

  • Always run with your phone and make sure someone knows your route other than you, most timing apps offer a live tracking feature that you can share with family or friends. Just like a live race, you should have an emergency contact located on your body in the unlikelihood that it is needed. Whether you’re training or racing, remember to physical distance through your ENTIRE run.
  • Do not run if you feel sick. Stay home. Run your race healthy. It’s virtual – you can do that!
  • Run with a group that is known to you.
  • Stay two meters apart if you’re passing another runner or walker.
  • If you feel that someone is running too close to you, ask them to give you more space or let them pass.
  • DO NOT spit or blow snot-rockets.
  • Carry your own fuel, hydration, and hand sanitizer with—avoid drinking fountains and public bathrooms. PRO TIP: Plan a route that includes your own property and set up your own fuel/water station in your yard.
  • Obey all rules for road pedestrian safety including running on a sidewalk where available and not on the road, follow the rules of the road if no sidewalk or multi-use trail is available and run against oncoming traffic and not with traffic
  • Steer clear of handrails or crosswalk signals (use your elbow!)—and avoid touching your face while running (we know it’s hard!).